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HOBBY 2000, buy in all trust with secured payment.

Pay the correct price in 2 steps. 1st the goods then the shipping once your pack is ready.

To maximally reduce your shipping costs, we proceed in two steps.

First payment for goods. Then we make your parcel ready and according to its cubage and weight, we bill the postage.

As soon as you have paid via Paypal or on our bank account, we will dispatch it. Please note that you can retrieve your parcel at our shop in Li├Ęge to avoid these costs

Depending of your parcel weight here are the usual post charges for delivery in Belgium:

0 - 22 Kgs :

Belgium : 5.00 EUR
France : 11.00 EUR
Germany : 8.00 EUR
Italy : 16.00 EUR
Netherland : 7.00 EUR

If you reside outside the E. C. and we forward your order, prices applied are excl. V.A.T.

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