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Confidentiality terms

Hobby 2000 fully respects your private datas and act according to the Belgian laws concerning private life ( Law dated 1992/12/08 to protect personnal datas). Read this declarationto learn more about how your personnal datas are collected and treated on this site.

By using this website, you formally accept the way Hobby 2000 collects and processes personal datas, as described below.

1. Safety of the site

Hobby 2000 swears to take all appropriate measures to protect your personnal datas against destruction, loss, unwilling modification, altering or transfer.

2. Treatment of personnal datas

Via this website, some personnal datas of yours are collected in different manneers, for example when you complete an on line form, when you subscribe to an information letter or if you use any on line services.

Les données que vous avez communiquées via le site web ne sont utilisées que pour pouvoir fournir les informations que vous avez demandées, pour envoyer les lettres d'information que vous avez demandées, pour optimiser le fonctionnement du site web et pour effectuer des recherches statistiques.

En communiquant ces données à caractère personnel, vous acceptez expressément que Hobby 2000 puisse conserver et traiter ces données aux fins précitées.

Cependant, votre adresse e-mail, votre nom d'utilisateur ou votre mot de passe ne seront en aucun cas communiqués à des tiers.

3. Cookies

The site might use cookies. The cookie is a computer file, registred on the user's P.C. It's use is to confirm a former visit to the site. The cookies are also used by Hobby 2000 so as to personalize the service offered to the user.

The user retains the right to refuse the cookies by programming his internet explorer. He then looses the ability to personalize the service proposed to him by Hobby 2000 via the site.

4. Log files

Hobby 2000 records, other than the above mentionned datas, the following datas when you visit this site : your IP address, your navigator, your operating system, the extern web site that linked you to the present site and the pages you visited on this site and date and time you visited each page. These informations are only collected for statistic purposes and to continually improve the fonctionnality of this web site.

5. Right to amend or rectify

As legally edicted by the Law regarding Protection of Private Datas, you have the right to consult your personnal datas and amend them free by contacting Hobby 2000 whose contact addresses are hereunder mentionned.

6. Modification

Hobby 2000 reserves himself the right to amend at any time the Confidentiality Term and Declaration. The latest has been modified and amended the last time to day on 2011/11/01.

7. Contacts

Hobby 2000 is liable regarding the treatment of datas with private concerns and takes care to the confidentiality and security of these datas. You can contact Hobby 2000 at the following address : Hobby 2000, Quai de la Boverie 78, 4000 Liège, Belgium, at , at phone nr +32 43 41 29 87

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